Welcome to PV-Cables!

We specialize in the manufacturing of renewable energy products with valuable customer service. Our products include solar output cables, battery cables, crimping tools, a variety of connectors and of course lots of cable.

We make custom cables to customer specification, in a variety of lengths.  We use only the "brand names" the module manufacturers specify and do not use cheaper imitations that are supposedly compatible.

Why buy from PV-Cables?

~ PV-Cables saves you time and money with assembled cables, manufactured by established, experienced professionals.

~ All of our array adapters & output cables are crimped & torqued to the connector manufacture's specifications.

~ Strict procedures and precise techniques guarantee optimal performance for the systems you install.

~ PV-Cables, your first choice for "Connecting you to the Sun", combines top-notch products, lightning fast shipping, and superior customer service.

PV-Cables Warehouse & Shipping Center:

1155 Redway Drive
Redway, CA 95560

For directions and a map see our Directions Page



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