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RL01001-70BK - Amphenol Radlok - 2/0 Battery Lug (Black)
RL01001-70BK Radsok product line

Price: $11.09 / Each

Product Specs

Lug Incorporating R4 RADSOK® Technology, Overmold or Crimp Termination, Press-fit Button Activated Coupling

Utilizing Amphenol’s latest R4 RADSOK® Technology, our RADLOK™ product line was designed to be compact and robust.

Power Interconnect products in today's market often require additional mounting hardware (e.g. washers, clamps, bolts, nuts, etc.) making them prone to costly labor expenses for installation and routine maintenance.

Paired with Amphenol's RADLOK™ PIN, the single finger operation lock feature allows end users to connect any power distribution/storage system in a quick and secure manner.

The RADLOK™ product line is the answer to industries where a custom, reliable, easy to install, rugged, and cost effective solution is required.

Features & Benefits
·         Voltage Rating: 1000V
·         Current Rating: 70A - 400A
·         Tool-Free Mechanical Locking
·         High cycle durability (500 mating cycles)
·         RoHS compliant
·         Available in Black, Red, Orange (custom coloring available)

·         RoHS
These battery lugs pair well with the new Aquion Energy Batteries.

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