Fuses and Grounding
Wiley WEEB-9.5 - WEEB 9.5 Grounding Clip
Wiley WEEB-9.5

Price: $.91 / Each

Product Specs

The WEEB Washer line of products is designed to bond solar PV modules to mounting structures and create an electrical path to ground. WEEB Washers eliminate the need for older, more costly grounding methods and greatly reduce the amount of labor and materials used in installations.

- Bonds PV modules to mounting structures
- Specialized teeth on washer embeds into anodized aluminum to establish gas-tight electrical connection
- 304 Stainless Steel washer
- Stock parts for most popular mounting systems
- Custom WEEB Washer designs also available
- ETL Listed to UL 467

Works with the following Mounting Systems:

- All Earth Renewables

- AMPT, Converter Mounting System AMPT Brackets 21000000-1, 210000000-2

- DP&W, Ground mounts, Top of Pole, Power Fab CRS

- GE, GEn-II Solar Rack


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