Connectors for Solar Tyco Solarlok Connectors
23.1001 - Tyco PV4 Male Minus 1971861-1
Connector for PV Wire Diameter 5.8mm to 8.0mm

Price: $1.85 / Each

Product Specs

-Lower contact resistance compared to standard line

-Conformance with NEC 2008/11 requirement

-Audible snap-in and lock mating design

-One of highest IP68 protection in its class

-Quick and easy assembly with industry application tools

-UL 20 A and TUV 35 A for 4.0 mm2 (at 85 C)

-UL 30 A and TUV 40 A for 6.0 mm2 (at 85 C)

-Rated Voltage: 600 V / 1000 V (UL); 1000 V (TUV)

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